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Image representing the water cycle.

NASA Balances Water Budget with New Estimates of Liquid Assets

Many pressing questions about Earth’s climate revolve around water. With droughts and flooding an ongoing concern, people want to know how much water is on the move and where it is going. To help answer those questions, a new NASA study provides estimates for the global water cycle budget for the first decade of the 21st century, taking the pulse of the planet and setting a baseline for future comparisons.

Image representing observed annual mean global energy budget. 2000–09.

L’Ecuyer, et. al: The Observed State of the Energy Budget in the Early Twenty-First Century

New objectively balanced observation-based reconstructions of global and continental energy budgets and their seasonal variability are presented that span the golden decade of Earth-observing satellites at the start of the twenty-first century.

Image representing annual mean fluxes of the water cycle.

Rodell, et. al: The Observed State of the Water Cycle in the Early 21st Century

This study quantifies mean annual and monthly fluxes of Earth’s water cycle over continents and ocean basins during the first decade of the millennium.

Screenshot from the Video

60 Minutes: Depleting the Water

Lesley Stahl reports on disturbing new evidence that our planet's groundwater is being pumped out much faster than it can be replenished.