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Uncertainties of Vertically Integrated Water & Energy Budget Components


  • Develop and analyze time and space varying estimates of uncertainties of vertically integrated water and energy budget components.

Supporting tasks

  • Develop a concise (i.e. short) data definition document to support the consolidation of numerous remote sensing, modeling, and in situ (if available) data sets into a common data grid (space & time), format (e.g. netCDF-4), and consistent units.
  • Generate and archive *data-definition-conforming*   water and energy budget component estimates from associated datasets through a central NEWS-PI accessible repository.
  • Create uncertainty estimates associated with each component based on the available data sets within the NEWS-data repository
  • Develop and apply downstream analyses to the uncertainty estimates of WEC components
  • Weather/Phenomenological/Cloud-regime based
  • Climatological-regime based (e.g. seasonal, extremes, ENSO, etc.)
  • Local-to-regional upscaling from point estimates

Team Organizer: J.B. Roberts.