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NEWS Synthesis: Water and Energy Cycle Variability


  • Year-to-year WEC variability
  • Structural interconnections of the variability (transports, interconnections)
  • How do WEC balances change over time(trend)?
  • How well can we close the Water & Energy budgets at yearly timescales
  • How does the uncertainty change with time.

Learning Objectives:

  • Predictions from change
  • Learn how to manage uncertainties using closure
  • Guidance on data inconsistencies from satellite changes
  • Model diagnostics and guidance
  • Examine linked water & energy cycles


  • Monthly values & uncertainty for dataset length
  • Experts for each variable – follow v1 methods
  • Ocean basin, continent, hemisphere, zonal averages
  • Based on NEWS climatology v1 land/ocean mask, basin definitions
  • Closure optimizations at yearly/basin/global scale

Shared Data Structure:

  • Reprocess all data to monthly, 1x1 degree using conservative interpolation
  • Include monthly statistics if available: min, max, standard deviation
  • Use a central repository for comparisons, area averages and closure optimizations

Team Organizers: