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Energy and Water Cycle Budgets

Goals: characterizing and understanding the energy and water cycle budgets of specific phenomena strongly associated with extreme events.  Specifically, we proposed to investigate the Indian Monsoon, North American Monsoon, Mesoscale convective systems over the US mid-west, and selected atmospheric rivers. To be clear, we are interested in how these tie to extreme events rather than typical events.  Specific topics are the energy and water budgets, water provenance, scale interactions (large scale to small; local and remote), identification of key factors in formation, links to ocean forcing (and ideally prediction). Monsoon topics will include impacts on soil moisture, drought, flooding, and ideally agriculture and infrastructure impacts. Atmospheric rivers topics will include a breakdown of the above for difference parts of the atmospheric rivers, and possible connections to low level jets.


  • Data sets: satellite, in situ and model
  • Event identification and characterization (including pdf of data)
  • Calculation of transports
  • Key factor analysis (for events and for transport)
  • Determine energy and water budgets
  • Examine usefulness of satellite data for fluxes and transports
  • Water provenance examination where the data are available, and checks for consistency with water budgets
  • Examine (perhaps enforce) consistency of water and energy budgets

Expected Results:

  • Characterization and understanding of the above (and acknowledgements of problems)
  • Clear understanding of the key factors
  • Characterization of the role of extreme events (impacts on the ‘big picture’)
  • Ideally, improved predictability


Team Organizer: M. Bourassa